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UNS S30900/ UNS S30908 //// 309 / 309s Stainless Steels (UNS designation S30900/S30908) are austenitic, chromium nickel stainless steels that provide excellent corrosion resistance and heat resistance plus good strength at room and elevated temperatures. Type 309s is the low carbon version of 309 which minimizes carbide precipitation and improves weldability.Alloy 309/309S Heat Resistnat Stainless Steel Plate General Properties. Alloy 309 (UNS S30900) is an austenitic stainless steel developed for use in high temperature corrosion resistance applications. The alloy resists oxidation up to 1900°F (1038°C) under non cyclic conditions. Frequent thermal cycling reduces oxidation resistance to AISI/SUS 309S TJC STAINLESS.TJC Stainless is the most competitive manufacture and supplier of 309S stainless steel in thickness 0.3mm 80mm and width up to 2200mm.Other special requests about specification,please contact us. Click Here to See PDF Details for AISI/SUS 309S Stainless Steel Coils/Sheets

Grade 309 Stainless Steel Technical Data

CS 309 is manufactured to ASTM A 167 and CS 309S to ASTM A240 specifications. Typical Applications CS 309 / 309S is used exclusively for its high temperature oxidation resistance. It is common for CS 309, 310 and 321 to be used in the same piece of equipment in the various temperature regions.ATI 309/ATI 309S/ATI 310/ATI 310SChemistry limits are from ASTM A167 and ASTM A240 specifications unless otherwise noted. All values are given in weight percent and are maximum levels unless a range is specified. Type 309 (UNS 530900) Type 309S (UNS 530908) Type 309H (UNS 530909) Type 309Si (DIN 1.4828) Type 310 (UNS 531000) Type 310S (UNS 531008) Type 310H (UNS 531009) Type 310SiStainless Steel Grade 309 (UNS S30900)Topics CoveredStainless Steel Comparison of Grade SpecificationsAug 18, 2016· If you have ever wondered what the equivelent to a grade 304 stainless steel in British, UNS, European, Swedish or Japanese standards is, we have the answer. A comprehensive list is provided listing all the grades and their equivalents for all the different naming systems.

Stainless Steel Chemical composition (JIS)

SUS309S 309S 0.08 1.00 2.00 0.045 0.030 12.0015.00 22.0024.00 Superior corrosion and oxidation resistance to 304. Parts for chemical plant, heat treatment, furnace SUS310S 310S X6CrNi25 20 0.08 1.50 2.00 0.045 0.030 19.0022.00 24.0026.00 Stainless Steel Pipe SpecificationsConforming to the above specifications plus applicable parts us ASTM A 530. RangeASTM A312 pipe is more commonly found from 1/8" IPS to and including 24 NPS in standard schedules 5, 10, 20, and 40. On special application, sizes can be produced to 60 lPS through schedule 80 walls by certain mills.Material conversion (ASTM KS JIS DIN)spec. grade st'd number symbol symbol gr. a d 3515 sws 41a g 3106 sm 41 a gr. d d 3515 sws 41c g 3106 sm 41 c sa 134 d 3583 spw 41 g 3457 stpy 41 a 139 gr. a d 3583 spw 41 g 3457 stpy 41 sa 178 gr. c d 3563 sth42 ec g 3461 stb 42 ec sa 179 d 3563 sth 33 sc g 3451 stb 33 sc d 3710 sf 40 g 3201 sf 40 d 3710 sf 50 g 3201 sf 50 d 3710 sf 50 g 3201

309/309S Stainless Steel Perforated Sheets Supplier

Both the SS Perforated Sheets are offered in different types, forms, specifications, and dimensions. With the use of high quality materials and innovating machinery, we manufactured these SS 309/309S Perforated Sheets. SUS 309S1.4833 JIS G4304 SUS309S stainless steel plate |SUS 309S SHEETS JIS G4304 standard specification for chromium and chromium nickel stainless steel plate, sheet, and strip for pressure vessels and for general applications. Supplementary TechnologyHIC Test NACE MR0175 Z15 Z25 Z35 S1 S2Gangsteel is specialized in supplying JIS G4304 steel plate in G4304 SUS309S. Our gangsteel have min 600Tons stock size for each size stainless steel.SUS309S datasheet,SUS309S chemical,SUS309S heat sus309s 2016 05 13 10:26:07 Origin Remark 0 Click Technical specifications of JIS austenitic stainless steel alloy SUS309S datasheet, SUS309S Chemical compositions,JIS SUS309S mechanical properties from Steelmaking, ESR melting, Hot blooming, Hot forging, Hot rolling, Heat treatment, Straightening, 100% Ultrasonic test, Cold working or

Stainless Steel Comparing International Standards

SUS 309S20KH23N18X 6 CrNi 22 13310 1) X 12 CrNi 25 211.4845X 22 CrNi 2520SUH 31010KH23N18310S24310 S 1) Z 12 CN 25 20X 12 CrNi 25 201.4842X 5 CrNi 2520SUS 310S20KH25N20S223 61X 6 CrNi 25 20314 1) Z 12 CNS 25 20X 15 CrNiSi 25 201.4841X 16 CrNiSi 2520X 15 CrNiSi 25 20316 1) Z 6 CND 17 11X 5 CrNiMo 17 309 Rolled Alloys, Inc.Specifications AMS 5523, ASME SA 240, ASME SA 312, ASME SA 479, ASTM A 240, ASTM A 276, ASTM A 276 Condition A, ASTM A 276 Condition S, ASTM A 312, ASTM A 479, EN 1.4828 (309E only), EN 1.4833, UNS S30908, UNS S30909, Werkstoff 1.4833MATERIALS DATA COMPARISON OF MATERIAL JIS AND 1279 1280 [materials data] comparison of material jis and related overseas standards 2 sus 201 sus 202 sus 301 sus 301l sus 301j1 sus 302 sus 302b sus 303 sus 303se sus 303cu sus 304 sus 304l sus 304n1 sus 304n2 sus 304ln sus 304j1 sus 304j2 sus 304j3 sus 305 sus 305j1 sus 309s sus 310s sus 315j1 sus 315j2 sus 316 sus 316f sus 316l sus 316n sus 316ln sus 316ti sus 316j1 sus 316j1l sus

JIS G3459 Stainless Steel Pipe Specification

JIS G3459 Stainless Steel Pipe. JIS G3459 Stainless Steel Pipe is used for the pipings for corrosion resistance, and different grades are applicated for low and high temperature sevice, manufacture method can be cold finished or hot finished, so wide range of specific product requirement can be satisfied to meet the customer's applications. Chemical Composition:Stainless Steel Chemical composition (JIS)Stainless Steel Chemical composition (JIS) JISG43032005 Classification AISI DIN EN C Si Mn P S Ni Cr Mo Cu N Others SUS403 403 0.15 0.50 1.00 0.040 0.030 (0.60) 11.5013.00 Turbine blade, compressor, valve partsSmitty's Supply, Inc.Product # Packaging Option # Product Name SDS TDS; SUS 111SUS111, SUS114, SUS116, SUS117SUPER S "00" COTTON PICKER SPINDLE GREASE Safety Data Sheet

SS304 Grade AISI 304 Stainless Steel Properties

AISI 304 Grade Stainless Steel (UNS S30400) AISI 304 stainless steel (UNS S30400) is the most commonly used material in stainless steels, and is usually purchased in an annealed or cold worked state. Because SS 304 contains 18% chromium (Cr) and 8% nickel (Ni), its also known as 18/8 stainless steel.Type 304 has good processability, weldability, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low & sus 303 sus 301 sus 304 sus 304l sus 309 sus 309s sus 310 3 sus 10s SUS 316 SUS 316L SUS 321 SUS 409L SUS 420/J2 SUS 430 431 630 SUS 904L SUS DUPLEX 2205/2507 SUS SA516 G70 G70N Stainless Steel Comparison of Grade SpecificationsAug 18, 2016· If you have ever wondered what the equivelent to a grade 304 stainless steel in British, UNS, European, Swedish or Japanese standards is, we have the answer. A comprehensive list is provided listing all the grades and their equivalents for all the different naming systems.

Type 304 and 304L Stainless Steel Explained

This grade has slightly lower mechanical properties than the standard 304 grade, but is still widely used thanks to its versatility. Like Type 304 stainless steel, it's commonly used in beer brewing and wine making, but also for purposes beyond the food industry such Equivalent International Stainless Steel GradesJ 309S S30908 309S 1.4833 1Cr23Ni13 X7CrNi23 14 SUS309S J 310 S31000 310 X20Cr25Ni20 X15CrNiSi25 20 SUH310 20Ch25N20S2 J 310S S31008 310S 1.4845 0Cr25Ni20 X12CrNi25 21 SUS310S 20Ch23N18 J 316 S31600 316 X04Cr17Ni12Mo2 1.4401 0Cr17Ni12Mo2 X5CrNiMo17 12 2 SUS316 J 316L S31603 316L X02Cr17Ni12Mo2 1.4404 00Cr17Ni14Mo2 X2CrNiMo17 13 2

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