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IV CERAMIC PLATE We are excited that we have found a ceramic plate that has both quality and a great price! Lightweight at only 5.65 LB and 11 7/8 inches tall, 10 inches across, this plate provides level IV protection when used with a bulletproof vest. When used stand alone such as in a plate carrier it will offer NIJ level III protection.Ballistic Plates Armor Plates Body Armor Level 4 Level IV Body Armor Plates, Hard Body Armor Plates & Trauma Plates For Military and Law & Enforcement At Security Pro USA we offer a full line of military and law enforcement grade ballistic plates for military, law enforcement and civilian end users.BulletSafe Lightweight Level IV Ceramic Ballistic Plates BulletSafe Ballistic Plates offer Level IV protection when used in conjunction with the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest. Adding ballistic plates to your Level IIIA Bullet Proof Vest gives you the highest level of protection available. This combination protects

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Type IV Ceramic Armour Ballistic Plate designed to meet the defense needs of Law enforcement when inserted into a IIIA Vest Pocket.Battle Steel Level IV 10x12 Ballistic Plates now$99.98 EachMay 30, 2020· Battle Steels Ceramic (SIC) PE Composite ballistic armor plates are tested under NIJ 0101.06 IV body armor standards by H.P. White, Chesapeake. It Level 4 Body Armor Plates for Sale Level 4 Ballistic PlatesTough Weave and Complex MatrixOur bulletproof vests are NIJ level 4 compliant. This is proof of the toughness and reliability of these Level 4 ballistic plates. Tactical Scorpion Gear Level IV body armor plates are available in any custom configuration in flat, single curve, and multi curve.

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AR500 Armor® steel plates offer edge to edge ballistic protection. Level IV ceramic and Level III UHMWPE plates are certified in accordance to NIJ standard 0101.06, which mandates a minimum shot to edge distance of no greater than 51mm (2.0 inches). Special Threat tested to defeat 30 06 APM2 (7.62x63mm 165gr) Armor Piercing Black Tip Rounds, and all lesser level III and III+ threats.Level 4 Body Armor Spartan Armor SystemsLevel IV body armor will stop large caliber and armor piercing rifle threats up to .30 06 M2AP armor piercing rounds with a mass of 166 grains and velocity of 2880 ft/s. Our Level IV body armor plates has been ranked for protection and offers various levels of ballistic performance.Best Body Armor [2020 Tested]Hard Plates & Soft Armor If money is no object, ceramic armor can stop some pretty extreme bullets, like the fast M193 and M2AP (30.06 armor piercing). 30.06 M2AP in Garand Clip The trade off is that this is the most expensive at $200+, most bulky option in terms of thicknessbut it is lighter and is normally Level IV. Level 4

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We also have Kevlar Hybrid level IIIa soft armor. Our tactical plate carriers and vests carry the same warranty and are most are made in the USA. Order our quality armor today most are in stock and ship next business day, plus we warranty our plates for life (level III plates for life and IIIa for 5 Buy BulletSafe Ballistic Plate at Army Surplus World The BulletSafe ballistic plate offers level IV protection when used in conjunction with the BulletSafe bulletproof vest. Adding the BulletSafe ballistic plate to the BulletSafe bulletproof vest gives you the highest protection available and in combination protects you not only from handgun fire but from rifle fire as well. The BulletSafe Level IV Plates Bulletproof ZoneBulletproof Zone places your safety above all else. Bulletproof Zone offers a top range of body armor such as bulletproof vests, plate carriers, bulletproof clothing as well as bulletproof backpacks, and other safety tactical gear. Bulletproof Zone has great prices, wide selection, top

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Level Iv Body Armour Bulletproof Ceramic Plate , Find Complete Details about Level Iv Body Armour Bulletproof Ceramic Plate,Level Iv Ceramic Ballistic Plate,Bulletproof Ceramic Vest Plate,Ceramic Armor Plate from Other Police & Military Supplies Supplier or Manufacturer Jiangsu Linry Advance Material Technology Co., Ltd.Type IV Ceramic Armour Ballistic Plate Armor ZahalType IV Ceramic Armour Ballistic Plate designed to meet the defense needs of Law enforcement when inserted into a IIIA Vest Pocket. Free ShippingBulletProofME Body Armor Level IV ( 4 ) Stand Alone All our Level IV Stand Alone plates here have passed the NIJ 0101.05 or NIJ 0101.06 Certification (a few sizes use the same ballistic recipe, but have been independent ballistic lab tested to be compliant with the standard, instead of Certified).

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The LA Police Gear Level IV Ballistic Armor Plate weighs in at 6.5 pounds and measures 9.85" x 11.8", which fits perfectly in our Atlas Plate Carrier. Featuring a slim 7/8" profile and ergonomic curvature, this plate is not only high performing, but also comfortable.Body Armor Bullet Proof Vest Ceramic Plates Level III (3 Aug 26, 2015· The Level IV body armor usually made from ceramic plates. Level 4 armor plates are more resistance against the higher speed and velocity that is used with rifles bullets. A bulletproof vest will keep you secure from different types of bullets while ensuring that you receive little to no impact from being hit by most pistol/handgun fire.Ballistic Armor Defense and Equipment, LLC sells a wide Ballistic Armor Defense and Equipment offers a wide range of Level III and IV NIJ 0101.06 certified ballistic plates by such manufacturers as AR500 Armor and Hesco, from low cost, durable Level III steel plates to low weight, high performance Level III and IV ceramic and polyethylene plates.

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Aug 14, 2015· Famostone Bulletproof Ultra Light Ballistic Armor Plates August 14, 2015 by Bullet Proof Vest Shop Leave a Comment FMS is a company started their journey in 1986 as an international company, Its the worlds first commercial producer of UD PE and PE aramid fabrics and in 1992 company becomes a public company.World's Strongest Hard Armor Plates RMA Armament$135.00 Add to cart; Sale! Level IV Multi Curve Medium Hard Armor Plate (Model #1192) $ 699.00 $ 599.00 Add to cart Level III+ Multi Curve SM XL (Models #1091 1094) NIJ .07 TestedPolice Army Level III/IV Bulletproof Armor Plate Ballistic China Police Army Level III/IV Bulletproof Armor Plate Ballistic Inserts, Find details about China Ceramic Plate, Bullet Proof Plate from Police Army Level III/IV Bulletproof Armor Plate Ballistic Inserts YF PROTECTOR CO., LTD.

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Note that this plate has a foam edge ring, so the level 4 ballistic coverage area is 8×10 on a 10×12 plate, with the outer 1/2 rim as a IIIA equivalent. Velocity Stand Alone IV at Bullet proof plates hard armor in NIJ 3 and 4 (III and IV)Bullet proof hard armor plates in NIJ level III (3) and IV (4) for bullet proof vests. Protects against 7.62 FMJ, US m80, .30 Caliber AP and US M2 AP.Bulletproof Vest Ballistic Helmet Armor Plates NIJ level III Stand Alone multi curve Hard Armor Rifle Ballistic Plates with shooter cut,Ceramic plate with armored UHMWPE composites(PE+SiC) Size10" (25 cm) x 12" (30 cm) x 0.8 (20mm) Weight 4.3 lb. (1.95 kg + 5) .Rated protection from AK API , SS 109, and M 80

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